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Singer Songwriter Chris Keith saved thousand of babies with his music!

His son Jesse has had 4 needless brain surgeries because his wife Shelene was not given a simple $25 Group B Strep (GBS) Test. When Jesse was born the doctors said he was not going to live through the night . Chris got on his knees with his wife and prayed that we would see the miracles through the tragedies, no matter what the tragedies were. The next day Jesse' seizures stopped, and 2 days later his transfusion accepted, and one month later they took Jesse home. At 2 month old Jesse had his 1st brain surgery, then at 10 months, then at 3 1/2, and finally at 12 years old. Jesse just turned 16 years old and is taking after his dad. He is a Singer Songwriter, and a monster guitar player. He recorded his first of many CD's last summer in Nashville. Jesse is completely healed with no side effects. It truly is a miracle.

10,000 babies get GBS annually and 2,000 die the babies who live; GBS causes cerebral palsy, deafness, blindness, and brain damage. Chris and Shelene started The Jesse Cause Foundation -Saving the Babies from GBS. Chris and his family went on a national crusade to get every pregnant woman tested for GBS. Shelene would help produce huge Christian concerts. Tayler their beautiful daughter would sing a song Chris wrote for her when she was 3 called "Daddy Dance With Me" and Shelene performs performance art sign language to couple of the songs during the concerts (Jesse now plays in the band) and they would tell Jesse' story. The audiences at the concerts would then take their boxes of pamphlets and distribute them to their cities and local hospitals and doctors offices. The audiences became their arms and feet, their national army. And a miracle happened...

48 Hours TV Show did a 9 minute segment called "Silent Killers" on this amazing family; it aired twice and helped break the story nationally. On August 16, 2002 Chris and his family were able to accomplish their goal and change the law. GBS testing became mandatory. Now every pregnant woman in the United Staes is tested for GBS because Shelene was not. Generations of babies are saved. Prayer is the miracle and One family can make a difference!


For more information go to, Click on Jesse's Story.

Now they have pass the baton to The Jesse Cause' sister company ran by Marti Perhach who lost her baby stillborn to Group B Strep membrane stripping.

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Chris Keith was selected the Hottest New Artist Finalist for 2013.


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