"I have Chris Keith 's 3 CD's. I love his music - it has changed my life and brought me closer to the Lord. I'm in college now and his music continues to inspire me. I can't wait until the next CD comes out." -Makayla, 21, San Diego, CA

"Chris' music lifts me up wherever I am. I love the stories he tells. I can't wait until he releases his 4th." - Michele , 48, Nashville , TN

"Chris' song "He Took My Name to the Cross." Every time I hear it, it is as if he is singing directly to me, tears just stream down my face. I've written my name many times on a piece of paper, after I listen to that song, to remind myself, Jesus took my name to the cross. It is an inspired CD-I can't listen to it enough!" - Jackie Fuller, 38, Camarillo, CA

"This CD is magical, my 4 year old daughter walked outside singing Chris Keith's songs the other day at the top of her lungs, and singing her heart out to his inspired music." Thank you Chris!" - Chet Robinson, 40, Utah

"I love Chris Keith’s CD’s. They are awesome!" - Shannon, 16, Idaho

"My teenage daughter around the house in head phones constantly playing Chris Keith's CD's. I can barely get it from her. So my husband and I can enjoy it." - Kara Dixon, New Jersey

“Chris Keith’s music is GREAT. I play his CD’s over and over. His music is truly is inspired, it lifts me up when I am down and keeps me going when everything is right. Don’t wait, buy his CD’s…you will love them!” -Dave, 56, Scottsdale, AZ

"Chris Keith CD's are my favorite; I listen to them all the time at school, in my room, in my car everywhere!" - Amanda, 13, Ventura , CA

"I have worn out my Chris Keith CD's! I can play his music again and again and it never gets old and always brings me closer to the guy upstairs. I love his music." - Joanie, 65, Los Osos, CA

"You will love Chris Keith 's music. It’s a little rock and roll and a little heaven all wrapped up in 3 CD's. I don't leave my house without them. I play them all the time." - Ann, 45, Port Hueneme, CA

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